Custom Software Application Design and Implementation

Custom software applications come in different forms. Sometimes they are complete systems, other times they are well-defined simple solutions. KSB approaches each opportunity with a proven methodology that includes:

1. Scope and Objectives
2. Functional Specification
3. Detail Specification
4. Quality Programming
5. Careful Testing
6. Deployment
7. Training
8. Continuous Support

KSB has a team of motivated system and software design professionals. They are committed to utilizing their strong skill sets in a wide range of application design and development technologies and to working together to meet the growing challenges of IT and software development.

Some of our accomplishments include:

Accounting system for Nursing Registry (including scheduling and payroll management)
Accounting system for a silverware wholesale company (including return handling and sales commission management)
Accounting system for a battery manufacturing company (including bill of material function)
Accounting system for a meat & poultry industry - KSB Meat 2011
Easy payroll for a meat & poultry industry
Cattle formula for a meat industry
Service order management
Registration program for a language school
Schedule and billing management system for a tour bus
Lab and medical record management system for a nursing home
Investment portfolio management (including web access interface for on-line inquiry)
On-line battery configuration inquiry system
On-line procurement system for a public agency
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